An Open Letter to Fathers on Your Day

Congratulations Fathers! Here’s to you! I’m so excited that we have a day honoring you. Today, I join in with the millions of others in our country and I honor you as well.

Thank you for your courage. You make tough decisions which I do not envy. You work hard to provide for your family. Many of you have had to stare unemployment in the face and determine not to lose your purpose, identity, motivation, and drive for life. I honor you. You go bravely where no man in your life has gone before. And bravery, in my mind, is not taking action because there is no fear in you, but taking action in spite of fear. Fathers, you are amazing. You have one of the most influential positions on this planet – regardless of race, nationality, or culture. (If you are a mother reading this, please do not feel I am overlooking your incredible role. This is just a letter to fathers today.)

Fathers, you are some of the most sought after people in our day. I don’t know that you even begin to realize how important you are. It is because of how important you are that I wanted to write this letter, to ask you a couple favors. There are many requests that could be made of fathers, but today I just want to focus on two.

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