“The hunger of my soul for many a long day has been that I might be able to so present that high true note of God, that the souls of men would rise up in God to that place of power, purity, and strength where the presence and character and works of Christ are evidenced in and through them. There can be no distinction between the exercise of the real power of God as seen in Jesus and its reproduction in a Christian soul. There is a purity, the purity of heaven, so high, so holy, so pure, so sweet that it makes the life of the possessor so radiant with the glory and praise of God.”

- John G. Lake

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: A Revivalist is Remembered

I just finished reading his letter to the pastors and church leaders in Birmingham, AL (found here). It was a longer read than I expected it to be, for sure. But, I couldn’t stop reading it. It is so well written and much of what he says still resonates strongly today in issues our culture is facing. Below, I put some quotes that really stood out to me with some thoughts following each. Later on, I noted some of the thoughts that weren’t “quotable,” per say, but were powerful thoughts nonetheless.  Continue reading…